US Family Health Plan – What Is It All About?

Families all across the United States are in need of health insurance. Military families also need a health plan that will meet their needs. US family health plans are comprehensive and available for those who are active duty family members as well as military retirees (whether-or-not they participate in Medicare).

How to know if the US family health plan is what you need

There is no enrollment fee for those who are on active duty (and their families) or are retired from the military and participate in Medicare Part A or B. Services that are covered with little to no cost include, but are not limited to the following:

* Outpatient services

* Inpatient services

* Mental Health services

* Substance Abuse treatment

* Emergency, prescription and other services

The US family health plan also offers three different Tricare plans to choose from which provide your and your family with the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest costs. There is the Tricare Prime, Standard, and Extra. They operate much like the civilian Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Pay-For-Service plans do with the government paying a larger portion of the health care costs.

Military families can also receive dental and vision coverage through the US family health plans. The dental offers the of not filling out any paperwork and there are no premiums. The cost of dental charges are minimum and you are not required to select a primary dental office nor is there a requirement to have referrals if more substantive work is necessary. You can choose to visit a dental provider outside the network although you will be responsible for the charges that normally apply at that particular dental office. For vision care they provide routine eye exam – once per year and the written prescription for your lens. Corrective surgery, lens, and fittings are not covered.