Mastering Teching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: A Comprehensive Guide


Teching, short for “technology,” is a crucial aspect of SSBU that allows players to recover quickly after being hit. It involves executing specific actions upon hitting a surface, minimizing vulnerability and providing an opportunity for counterplay.

Understanding Teching

Definition and Purpose

Teching refers to the action of pressing the shield button (or a designated button) upon hitting a surface, be it the ground, a wall, or other obstacles. The primary purpose is to recover swiftly and reduce the impact of the opponent’s combo or follow-up attacks.

Importance in Gameplay

Technology is a fundamental skill that can turn the tide of a match. It adds layers of depth to your defensive capabilities, allowing you to escape unfavorable situations and maintain control over the flow of the game.

Basic Teching Mechanics

How to Perform a Tech

Executing a tech involves pressing the shield button within a specific window of time after being hit. Timing is crucial, and each type of hit (ground, wall, or ceiling) requires a slightly different approach.

Different Types of Techs

  • Ground Tech: Performed by pressing the shield button just before hitting the ground. Prevents opponents from capitalizing on a missed tech.
  • Wall Tech: Executed by pressing the shield button while in contact with a wall. Allows for a swift recovery when launched towards a wall.
  • Ceiling Tech: Rare but important, ceiling teching occurs when knocked into the ceiling. Timing is critical to avoid prolonged vulnerability.

The Importance of Timely Teching

Reducing Vulnerability

Timely teching minimizes the time your character spends vulnerable on the ground or against walls. It’s a defensive tool that disrupts opponents’ plans and provides an opening for a counterattack.

Countering Opponents’ Follow-Up Attacks

A successful tech can catch opponents off guard, preventing them from landing additional hits or combos. This creates an opportunity for a quick recovery or a surprise counterattack.

Practice Techniques for Teching

Solo Drills for Improving Teching Skills

Set up solo drills to practice teching in various situations. Use training mode to simulate different attack scenarios and focus on consistently executing timely techs.

Incorporating Teching into Regular Gameplay

Apply teching in your regular matches to build muscle memory. The more instinctively you can tech in different situations, the more effective and unpredictable your defensive game becomes.

Advanced Teching Strategies

Tech Chasing

Tech chasing involves predicting an opponent’s tech choice and responding accordingly. This advanced strategy requires keen observation and adapting to opponents’ habits.

Mix-Ups and Mind Games

Incorporate mix-ups into your teching game. Intentionally miss a tech occasionally to keep opponents guessing, creating opportunities to surprise them with a well-timed tech.

Common Mistakes in Teching

Identifying and Avoiding Errors

Common mistakes include teching predictably or missing the timing window. Identify your weaknesses and actively work on improving your teching precision.

Learning from Unsuccessful Tech Attempts

Rather than getting discouraged by missed techs, use them as learning opportunities. Analyze why you missed and adjust your timing or approach accordingly.

Teching in Different Situations

On the Ground

Ground techs are the most common and crucial. Master the art of teching when launched horizontally to maintain control and disrupt opponents’ combos.

Against Walls

Wall techs are essential for recovering when slammed into walls. Practice teching at different angles to be prepared for various in-game scenarios.

Recovering from Knockback

Learning to tech during knockback ensures you can regain control quickly. Practice teching at different percentages to account for changes in launch trajectory.

Teching Edge Cases

Dealing with Stage Hazards

Some stages feature hazards that can complicate teching. Understand stage layouts and adapt your teching strategy accordingly.

Teching During Rapid Hits

Against rapid hits, focus on predicting the timing of the final hit for an effective tech. Don’t panic; stay composed to execute a successful recovery.

Competitive Applications of Teching

Impact on Tournament Play

Teching can be a game-changer in tournaments. Mastering this skill gives you a significant advantage against opponents who may struggle to capitalize on missed techs.

Recognizing Opponents’ Tech Habits

Observing opponents’ teching habits can inform your strategy. Exploit patterns by predicting their tech choices and punishing accordingly.

Staying Adaptive and Improving Tech Skills

Analyzing and Adapting to Opponents

Stay observant during matches. Analyze opponents’ tendencies, adapt your teching strategy accordingly, and surprise them with well-timed techs.

Continuous Improvement through Practice

Teching is a skill that evolves with practice. Regularly revisit drills, experiment with different scenarios, and stay committed to continuous improvement.


In conclusion, mastering teching in SSBU is a journey that enhances your defensive capabilities and strategic depth. Incorporate these techniques into your gameplay, stay adaptable, and watch as your defensive prowess reaches new heights.