What It Means To Travel

Going to places by moving through time are just examples of traveling. There are so many ways for us to travel. By foot, car, plane, and boat.

But the question is why?

We will never know when we are going to travel.

We will never know where we are going. Sometimes what matters biutiful oficial in traveling is the places and views, but we will just know that the experience and the people we meet are the most valuable price we can have in traveling.

Beautiful views are sometimes we expect when traveling. Scenes that we haven’t seen before. We look up on magazines, websites for the places we want to go. That is a planned traveling.

Planning for a travel and keeping our expectations high is what we do most. Thinking of happy thoughts, event that we want to happen are just side dish for travel.

There are so many reasons for us to travel. Sometimes we want to see other people, other scenery, and new culture or sometimes we just hope for a better opportunity.

We hope that on the other side of the place we grew up, we can be better and new opportunity await us.

Traveling is more like gambling, we bet and yet until we are there we will know if it’s worth it or we just lose our hopes and expectations.

But that won’t stop us from going and moving again. We will just continue and drive as far as we want for our lives. It’s our choice to make, whether we moved along or just stay and enjoy everything.

We can travel with our own self, and it’s not always about going to some place but we can also travel with our own life. Life is a journey and we are entitled to travel with it, with or without company.

But we should always keep in our mind and heart that it’s a journey to become a better person and along the way we are destined to face obstacle. Those won’t be enough reason for us to stop and stay on the obstacle.

We are designed to stay strong and keep our hearts on the journey. Wherever it’s leading we are the only one who can create the path, whether we choose the right one and make mistake along with it or the wrong one and change everything for good.