Real Estate Investing and Picking a Mentor

Ok, so I bet you have seen them time and time again, those late night infomercials, and everyone seems to know the big secret in real estate investing. Well the bad thing about these “gurus” is all they want to do is send you a course, filled with DVDs, CDs, books, or e-Books or whatever. I have personally bought a couple of these courses, and while they are filled with some helpful information. I have yet to step foot into the real estate investing business. I am not confident enough with what little knowledge I have acquired from the courses I have bought.

I have spent well over $2000.00 on investing course, books, CDs, and DVDs, to no avail. What I have figured out, is that when you are choosing a real estate investing coach or mentor to find out how real estate invest works, you have to find someone willing to do it one on one. Someone that will take you by the hand, out in the field and show you first hand how it’s done.

Don’t spend money on e-Books, 90% of them are filled with website links that lead to yet another product by the supposed guru, and he is wanting you to purchase this other course that is guaranteed to give you the real secret, and it only costs a couple thousand dollars. Well we are in the middle of a recession, so who can afford that. I am looking to make money not spend it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am willing to spend the money, as long as I am going to learn things, and I feel that if I were to be taken and shown first hand how to evaluate, make an offer, get the deal, fix the property and sale it, I would be more than willing to spend another couple thousand dollars or so.

But frankly I am done with the books, DVDs and realestateout. I have enough in closet gathering dust that I couldn’t fit anymore in there. So when you are looking for the real deal, on how real estate investing works, you need someone that is going to take you out and show you how it’s done, just remember you are going to have to pay, good money, for such a service, but just think about the reward and the amount of knowledge you would gain from it.