NFL Games: A Gridiron Guide for New Fans

The National Football League (NFL) is a major professional American football league, consisting of 32 teams divided into two conferences: the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC). Each team plays 17 games in the regular season, vying for a spot in the playoffs, which culminate in the Super Bowl, the league’s championship game.

Here’s a rundown of the basics to get you started on your NFL fandom journey:

The Game:

  • An NFL game lasts four quarters, each 15 minutes long, with a halftime break.
  • Teams score points by advancing the ball down the field and either carrying it into the end zone for a touchdown (6 points) or kicking it through the goalposts for a field goal (3 points).
  • Each team has four downs to gain at least 10 yards. If they fail, they turn the ball over to the opposing team.
  • There are numerous rules and strategies involved, but understanding the basics of scoring and downs will allow you to follow the game’s flow.

The Teams:

  • Each team has a unique identity, with its own colors, mascot, and stadium.
  • Some popular teams include the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • You can learn more about the teams and their histories on the official NFL website or by watching documentaries.

Following the Games:

  • The NFL season runs from September to February, with games played every week.
  • You can watch games on TV, online, or even attend them in person at the stadiums.
  • There are many sports news websites and apps that provide news, scores, and analysis of NFL games

Beyond the Game:

  • The NFL is more than just the games themselves. It’s a cultural phenomenon, with a passionate fan base and a rich history.
  • There are many movies, TV shows, and video games based on the NFL.
  • You can also get involved in fantasy football, where you create a virtual team of NFL players and earn points based on their real-life performance.


  • Watching sports is meant to be enjoyable and exciting. Don’t get caught up in negativity or arguments.
  • Be respectful of all players, teams, and fans, regardless of your personal preferences.
  • Enjoy the game!

I hope this gives you a basic understanding of NFL games and how to get started as a fan. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!